Tack Accessories and Other Products

Saddle Pad With Pockets Saddle Pad with Pockets


Pockets can now be added to your schooling pad. Perfect for trail rides, hunts, or the zombie apocalypse! These pockets are constructed of a waterproof liner and matching outer fabric with a hook-and-loop closure for easy one-handed access. Measures approximately 10"h x 10"w x 1.5"d.

Rein Covers

Style 10R

New! All-fleece covers for your reins to prevent neck rubs. Slip on. Sizes 12", 14", 16", 18", or custom sizes available. 1.25" opening. Sold in pairs.

Cribbing Strap Cover

Style 10

Available in all-fleece or fleece top with a cotton quilted bottom. You can also choose a novelty print or plaid to match one of our Fun Pads.

Girth Cover

Style 11

Available in all-fleece or fleece top with a cotton quilted bottom. Pony and Dressage sizes are also available. Sizes range from 24" to 56." We suggest a cover 8" shorter than your girth. Girth covers are also available in Novelty prints or Plaids to match one of our Fun Pads.

Gel Pad Cover

Style 09G

This Gel Pad Cover is constructed from our baby pad material and has a hook-and-loop closure to keep your gel pad in place. Standard or Large sizes available. Get it in color to coordinate with your gear or barn colors! Check out our Colors Available for options.

Pommel Pad

Style 13D

Available in all fleece or fleece with a cotton quilted bottom. Perfect for those horses that need just a little extra padding under the pommel. Order style #13DF to get 1/2" of foam added to it.

Gripper Pommel Pad Wilker's Gripper Material

Style G13D

A pommel pad made out of our baby quilt material with a gripper surface on both the top and bottom to help keep your saddle in place. Available in your choice of baby pad color.

Mighty Mitt

Style MM

This handy little mitt is machine washable and dryer safe. Use it to brush, shine, or wash your horse. It is inexpensive, available in different polar fleece colors or all white, and a great thing to have on hand whether you are a novice or a seasoned horseman. You can even polish your boots with it!

Wilker's Dog Bed

Puppy Pawsturpedics

Our dog beds are constructed from near-indestructable materials, perfect for the 'ruff' and tumble pups out there! A fleece bottom and 1” polyfill middle are topped with your choice of fleece, novelty/plaid print, twill, or colored polar fleece. See our Colors Available and Fun Pads for choices.
Standard sizes are:
30PP Petite (9” x 14”)
31PS Small (12” x 20”)
32PM Medium (18” x 24”)
33PL Large (20” x 30”)
and 34PJ Jumbo (24” x 36”)
Custom sizes available upon request.